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Best Vines – Top Failed Vines

Best Vines – The top Failed Vines. For More Failed Vines Check Out “Fail Vine” On Vine. 6 Second Fails! Subscribe For More Vines. We post the funny and cool …

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Hailee CP KARI says:

1:00 XD!!!!

Analise Adler says:

The majority of these aren’t even vines

perez kiara says:

So funny i love best vine

ronda elking says:

i just shit all over my self to the point where i cant even stand up
without getting my floor all messed up

Harry Sack says:

Technically you’re stupid bitch

Harry Sack says:

0:44 Worst jump in the history of men

Nicole R says:

Do you feel better now?

Blake Fleischer says:

There not vines, they are FAILED vines. Therefore, they are not 6 seconds

42kGamingROCKS says:

1:11 best piledriver ever




Smashed car screen lol xD

Wheelhouse94 says:

whats the song with the guy on the trampoline

Nicole Watt says:

no shit shirlock

Wolf Raven says:

moon trance by lindsey stirling

Nicole Watt says:

lol shurelock

FreshJiveMAC wae says:

fuunnniiieeessstt thing eva


2:18 someones gonna get in trouble…..

anthony12as30 says:

He stupid for doing it was with glass

Bobby Wrndrop says:

Most of these was not even vines.. Just short fail clips from ages ago

Shayne Lodivero says:

Dayum. 2:19

Daniel Ivanov says:

Omg I cant stop laughing!!!

Nicole R says:

Technically no vines on youtube are vines.. because this is youtube.

Julia Patroi says:

Yeah ah

iankelly1998 says:

01:00 whats that song

InsaneInTheBrainLA says:

Por Ti Volare.

0PrimeTex0 says:

the 3rd to the last one poor dog lolxD

spencer morrison says:

pause at exactly 2:19 it looks like a meteor shower

Foverme says:

The song at 3:23 is : stromae alors on danse

veprim nallbani says:

song et to the 2:47 ?????

aaron martin says:

2:00 hahaha his reaction!

Mark Borromeo says:

Oh shit!!!!

Gabriel Gámez flores says:


Kyle McIntosh says:


HorseLover161298 says:

uuuhhh… These aren’t vines.d


2:30 lol why would he think that would work

Trayon Wooard says:

Last one funny

sabres30king says:

0:15 there happy about it or some shit

MiguelI'M Real says:

How is that song called? 2:47

xVintageRecords says:

Song at 3:17? Woth girl trippin into the pool

shake Itup says:

LOL THE LAST ONE:”)))))))000

iHaveNoWood says:

Whats the song that plays in the clip just before the last one where he
jumps over the pool

Gabriel Wilguess says:

wht song was tht at 3:00

Boogolaga200 says:

Whats the song called in 3:23

Zoe Hacker says:

Some of those weren’t fails…

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